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A Veteran-owned business providing St. Louis (and surrounding areas) home inspections that are professional, legitimate, timely, and reasonably priced. We are certified through AHIT and InterNACHI, and also bring years of customer service experience to the table.

If you want a no-hassle professional to handle your inspection, then you’re in the right place.

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Our Services

Buyer’s Home Inspections

Know if that hidden gem is really a hidden disaster. Buyers need the truth about the age of the roof, or the functionality of the heating system. They want to know if the basement might flood during the rainy season. Have a professional inspector go through your tentative house, because it’ll save you a huge headache by highlighting things beneath the surface.

Pre-listing Inspections

A seller always wants to maximize his or her potential. By getting a thorough inspection done, you’ll have the opportunity to fix any issues that turn away potential buyers. Home cosmetics get buyers in the door. The “A plus” inspection closes the deal. Getting ahead of this will keep you from getting buyers who change their minds after discovering issues that haven’t been resolved.

Regular Maintenance Inspection

Own a home but not selling anytime soon? An inspection is still valuable. Homes are like cars; they go through subtle wear and tear over time. If not addressed right away, these little things snowball into nightmares. Save yourself the headache, and some cash, by doing preventative maintenance with an annual property inspection.

Radon Testing

Long term exposure to Radon can lead to lung cancer. Every home, even those built radon resistant, be tested for Radon. Our 48 hour Radon test will be accompanied by a report that shows the average Radon concentration level in the home. This information can help you determine if Radon Mitigation is needed.

Why Choose Bartley Home Inspections, LLC?

We got the tools

Moisture readers. Outlet testers.

Certified Experience

We are certified by top home inspector association and have various other qualifications.

Competitive Pricing

You get top value for a reasonable price.

Great Support

Any anything. Before, during and after the inspection.

Reliable and Professional

Bringing customer service experience to you. We use our knowledge and service so you can learn about your home.

Quality Report

A modern report so you can know what issues to address immediately.

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